About SPS Mobile

We started operating since early 2004. Ever since then we have been repairing mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPods and other mobile communication devices.

Early 2004, when we started we realized how mobile phones are evolving, and how they are influencing everyday lives and decisions. We felt our customer’s loved their phones and couldn’t live without their precious devices even for a day, which is why we brought out the concept of While You Wait Repairs.

he Concept of While You Wait Repairs is a concept which let’s our customers wait while their phone is being repaired back to it’s original or near to original self, depending upon the damages caused to itself.

We are a part of a Company called PAN Mobiles LTD and we are situated in the North West Part of London.

We have an established repair centre/facility in North West part of London. We are closely situated to the m2 junction which enables our customers for a better commute.

We repair all the major brands available in the smart phone environment.

Are you in need of phone repair or looking for a repair estimate?